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Nitrogen generator

Gas production: 1 ~ 5000Nm3/h
Purity: 95 ~ 99.9999%
Pressure: 0.05~0.9Mpa (adjustable)
Dew point: ≤-60℃ (adjustable)
Product Description

Nitrogen generator:

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen machine is based on the compressed air after purification and pretreatment as the raw material gas, into the adsorption tower equipped with adsorbent (carbon molecular sieve), according to the different pressure, the nitrogen oxygen in the compressed air through the adsorbent adsorption amount is different so as to separate the available nitrogen. When the pressure is boosted, oxygen is adsorbed in the adsorbent, and nitrogen flows out of the adsorption tower into the nitrogen storage tank; When the pressure is reduced, the adsorbent deoxidize and regenerate; In this way, the two adsorption towers alternate to achieve nitrogen and oxygen separation, so as to continuously produce the required nitrogen gas for use.

Nitrogen production device is mainly composed of compressed air pretreatment, compressed air buffer treatment, adsorption separation treatment, nitrogen buffer treatment, and control components.

Product parameters:

Gas production: 1 ~ 5000Nm3/h

Purity: 95 ~ 99.9999%

Pressure: 0.05~0.9Mpa (adjustable)

Dew point: ≤-60℃ (adjustable)

[Customized according to different parameter requirements]

Product Features:

* High stability of equipment operation

* Energy saving, can save electricity 5-30%

* High efficiency molecular sieve and process, longer service life

* One-button start and stop, simple operation and maintenance

* Fast starting speed, fully automatic operation;


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