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Heat Treatment of Metals Processes and Benefits

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Years ago, blacksmiths used heat to shape metals for wagon parts, horseshoes, and more. Once formed to the desired shape, the metal was cooled quickly. This usually made the metal a lot harder and less brittle. This is a basic process called heat treatment of metals. Modern machining and metalworking processes are now more precise and sophisticated.

Many different techniques help shape metals for various purposes. The heat treatment processes alter the ways metals react to precision machining. Heat treatment can change several properties of metals. Such properties include hardness, strength, formability, elasticity, machinability, and more.

There are several heat treatment methods today. Metallurgists continually work on improving the cost-efficiency and outcomes of the methods. When followed properly, the methods can give you metals with remarkable chemical and physical properties. Here, we’ll take a closer look at heat treatment types of steel and metals and their purposes.

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