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Forging Press

Main products:
YTD96 series forging hydraulic press, free forging, fast forging hydraulic press
YTD34 series multi-direction die forging hydraulic press, block die forging hydraulic press
DTW99 series rotary forging semi-shaft automatic production line and horizontal rotary forging semi-shaft
DTL99 series vertical rotary forging machine
YTD41 series semi-shaft preheading hydraulic press, single column pressing, straightening hydraulic press
YTD32 series four-column hydraulic press
YTD27 series single action sheet drawing hydraulic press
YTD28 series double action sheet drawing hydraulic press
YTD68 series horizontal extruder
YTD-C ton series camshaft hydraulic press
YTD61 series powder metallurgy extruder
YTD79 series powder metallurgy hydraulic press
YTD46 series caterpillar chain section press mounting hydraulic press
YTD31 series frame type punching hydraulic press
YTD26 series precision stamping hydraulic press
YTD98 series mould development hydraulic press
YTD44 series roundness correction hydraulic press
D53K series ring grinding machine
YTD-ZDX series pipe end thickening machine automatic production line, die forging automatic production line, semi-shaft automatic production line

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Kingchan Machinery Company is a professional mechanical industry overall solution provider. We are committed to metal heat treatment, surface treatment, waste gas & waste water treatment equipment & plant overall planning and design, equipment supply and installation & testing.

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